Graduation Prayers

It is Graduation Day, Lord, and I would like to thank you foremost for this success.

Without your blessings, I would have been able to make it through.

Thank you for providing me your Divine Wisdom during time of difficult tests and trials.

Thank you for endowing the Holy Spirit to guide me through all the years in school.

Thank you for nourishing my mind, body and soul with your good news of salvation

For without it, I would not have attained success.

I would like to express also my gratitude for my supportive family and friends, of which, have it not for them, I would have been without a great support system.

Lord, for all the blessings I have failed to mention, thank you.

I know nothing would have been possible without you.

May this graduation day a beginning of giving back the service for you through other people.

Through my profession, may I spread good cheer to everyone around me. Amen.


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