Free Prayers for Seminars

Dear Lord,
We’re here together for this momentous seminar.
We know we won’t be able to do this without your blessings.
Thus, we thank you for bringing us together to work for the good of mankind.

May we imbibe Your Holy Spirit, so we can discuss the vital agenda in this meeting;
With the thought of spreading your Good Word.
Help us to promulgate programs that would benefit everyone.

May we act in accordance to your will,
remembering that we’re your agents of peace and love.

Bless the speakers, organizers and participants of this seminar,
so that when we go home, we’ll take with us the valuable knowledge that we have learned to others.
May we also foster camaraderie among us all to show that we have gathered in your name.

May you bless everyone to be happy and at peace.
May we bring this happiness and peace to our homes.
We also pray for those not present in our midst.
May all people around the world experience your love and generosity.

All these we ask through Jesus Christ, Amen.

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