Free Opening Prayer for Meetings

Heavenly Father we stand before you humbled and grateful. May you bestow your divine blessings and wisdom so that we can proceed with the matter at hand with fortitude and discernment.

Grant us the grace to accept the ideas of other persons in this group so we could truly come up with a plan that is created by all of us here who are present.

Show us the road to understanding and tolerance so we would know that the world is not about “I”, “me” and “mine,” but more about “they,” “them” and “theirs,” that we should all cooperate to make our plans a success with no one placing himself above the rest, just as you have taught us in Gethsemane.

Teach us to listen to one another and to the persons that we serve. Help us to strive for perfection by loving more our so called enemies and not just our friends and family.

As we start this meeting, we pray that you enlighten us with what you want us to do, by making us realize that it is only through serving others that we could truly serve you.

All this we ask through your son, Christ our Lord. Amen.

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