Closing Prayers for Meetings

May we now observe a moment of silence (observe silence for one minute) Dear God, we thank you for the successful conclusion of this meeting. We know that without you we would not have been able to arrive at the decisions and plans we have just made earlier in this meeting.

We are confident that with your blessings and guidance, we would be able to fulfill and put to action all that we have planned.

Bless everyone present in this room today, so that as we go out of this room to fulfill our obligations and assigned tasks, may we be aware that our primary objective is to serve you. We can only do this if we fulfill our tasks to our utmost ability, honestly and responsibly.

Heavenly Father, Give us the emotional, physical and intellectual strength to pursue what we have agreed upon until their fruition.

We also thank you for allowing us to come up with solutions to our concerns and for blessing us to decide correctly and soundly, despite our earlier misunderstandings and clash of ideas.

We pray for everyone who is not present in this room as we pray for our loved ones, friends and so called enemies, because you have taught us to love and see everyone in your image.

We can only fulfill our tasks successfully if we do it to glorify your name, Lord. Amen.

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