A Prayer for the Philippines’ Elections on Monday, May 13, 2013

Dear God,

This Monday, May 13, 2013, the Philippines’ elections would be held.

Grant the candidates some semblance of rationality so they would come to realize that killing people just to regain or retain power is an act that would eventually find its way back to them.

May you bestow your Divine Wisdom to the voters so that they would have the strength to refuse selling their votes to dishonest politicians. Please provide the needs of these indigent and hopeless persons so that they would be enlightened that “man does not live by bread alone.”

Praying Hands, Image credit: Albrecht Durer

Grant that everyone should be vigilant of ‘crocodile” candidates with “crocodile” tears who could act convincingly to earn the compassion of voters.

Send the Holy Spirit so that voters would be able to see through the façade of these greedy and uncaring politicians.

Bestow your powerful and generous blessings so that we would succeed in choosing those who truly care for the country and the Filipino people.

All these we ask through your son, Jesus Christ, amen.

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