Sample Opening Prayer for Meetings

Today, we come to you Lord with bent knees

We pray that you bless this meeting and the people gathered here today.

May you enlighten each one of us, so we can contribute our expertise, knowledge and ideas positively.

May we plan goals that lead to the glory of your name, and for the benefit of all concerned.

Allow us to see YOU in all of the people around us, so we can be harbingers of peace and love.

We pray that you would bless all our plans that we could successfully bring them to fruition.

May you shower your blessings too on people left in our homes, and keep them safe from harm.

We pray for all people in the world as well.

May everyone find peace and love in their hearts and spread these to everyone around them.

Let this meeting be a gathering of peacemakers for the good of society.

All these we ask in Your Mighty Name,


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