Opening Prayer for Family Day Celebration

Heavenly Father, we are gathered here today to celebrate the joy of being with our families.

We thank you for blessing us with happiness, health and love.

We thank you for making this event possible through your generosity and benevolence.

May we share love, become united and be a blessing as well to other families.

May we pass forward the Divine Spirit that has guided us through all the years;

And allow other families to share goodness and camaraderie in this activity.

May you bless the organizers and proponents of this momentous event that the goals they have set would all be achieved.

May you bless the hands that prepared this sumptuous food that they could share the same blessings to others.

Grant that all families participating in this occasion and even those at home would feel your presence through positive interaction and togetherness.

Grant that each family member sees you in everyone they meet.

As we go back home, may we take home with us the abundance of your generosity and love, so that we could spread these virtues in our daily lives.

This way we can be proponents of peace for those around us and eventually be an instrument of peace and unity in the world.

All this we ask in your Mighty Name.


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