Christmas Party Prayer

Let’s bow our heads and open our hearts to our Heavenly Father.

(Pause for a few seconds)

Dear God, we gather before you for this momentous event – the celebration of your birthday.

May all of us here today realize the most important thing today is your birthday.

Gifts are great but they are expendable.

May we realize that it’s the love that you have for us and the love we give each to other that counts most.

May we be aware of this as we interact with each other and see you in each one of us.

Bless all families present today, and families all over the world that peace and love will reign.

May we value each other regardless of differences in opinion and beliefs, as you have shown by your own examples.

Help us to understand that we’re responsible for our own brothers and sisters and that your all abounding love is what keeps us going.

Bless the hands that have prepared this bountiful feast that they may continue to do so with love and peace in their hearts.

Bless the organizers as well, that their goals may be achieved to foster camaraderie among people and to spread the wisdom of your words.

As we participate in this Christmas party, may we always remember that we’re all your children, who should be responsible for each other.

After our party, when we go out of this venue, may we pass on the love and generosity that we have learned from you.

May we continue to live our lives according to your Divine Plan and as your spiritual representatives and followers.

May people see your goodness through our good actions and examples.

May you bless all our loved ones a home too that they can feel your spiritual protection.

All these we ask, in Jesus’ name


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