X Factor Six Chair Challenge Video #SixChairChallenge #UKintheUSA

It’s the six-chair challenge once again and TV fans are rooting for their own favorites.

An X Factor candidate, Ricky John got the buzzer from Ayda Williams because “it was his birthday and it was a gift for him.”

The X Factor judges are Ayda Williams, Louis Tomlinson, Robbie Williams, and the Czar himself, Simon Cowell.

This is one of the most crucial phases of the competition where the judges would decide who to send to the next phase.

There was confusion among viewers too as this 2018, the Golden Buzzer can be used and the Boot Camp scrapped.

Simon had a tough time deciding for his team. It must be difficult deciding who to eliminate amidst all the talented singers. Fans were sympathetic of his plight. Molly Scott slayed her song, and so did the other contestants.

One surprise of the night was the when Robbie Williams called back Burgandy and Panda, who were supposed to be eliminated, to be in his groups’ category.

Burgandy had refused to give her chair to the other contestants and carried it around, until Robbie called her back with Panda.

Watch their mind-blowing performance below; video courtesy of Anthony Ying.

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