The Voice Kids Unofficial Poll: Vote for Your Favorite Contestant to Win in the Grand Finals

The leading contestant on unofficial ongoing polls online is the 12-year old talented girl from Pampanga, Sassa Dagdag, next in the poll is Reynan, and then Esang and Elha.


Sassa, Top 4, Image credit: The Voice Kids season 2 2015
Top 6, The Voice Kids Semifinals
Esang, Top 4, The Voice Kids PH
Elha-Top-4-The-Voice-Kids OH
Elha, Top 4 The Voice Kids PH
Reynan, Top 4, The Voice Kids PH


The official results of the Top 4 semi-finalist puts the Manobo kid, Reynan Dal-anay, in Top 1, followed by Esang, Elha and Sassa.

It’s still a week before the Grand Finals of The Voice Kids Philippines but fans are already eager to cast their votes.
Who would ultimately be the Champion of the Voice Kids PH season 2?

Definitely, this question will be answered next week.
Meanwhile, here’s an unofficial poll to predict which of the Top 4 contestants will win in next week’s The Voice Kids Season 2 Grand Finals.

Vote for your choice below.

Who will be the Champion on The Voice Kids PH Grand Finals?


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