Singing Nun of The Voice Italy is Now a YouTube Sensation with More than 7 Million Views

The Singing Nun of The Voice Italy is now a YouTube sensation with more than 7 million views in just 3 days. Various entertainment sites online featured Sister Cristina Scuccia, who nailed Alicia Keys’ “No One” on The Voice Italy.

Singing Nun on The Voice Italy

The audience started cheering as soon as she began singing and the judges were visibly shocked when they turned their chairs and saw a nun performing with gusto. Sister Cristina Scuccia is only 25 years old and is a member of the Ursuline Sister of the Holy Family.

According to The Voice Italy:

“Sister Cristina Scuccia, 25 years old, is Sicilian but lives in Milan and is an Orsolina nun of the Holy Family.
Her childhood dream was to become a singer, in 2008 the Orsolina Sisters organize a music hall in which she finds herself by chance.
A non-believer, and against the Church … she instead finds Love.

Insecure in life, she is convinced by her Mother Superiors in participating to The Voice of Italy … this is now her mission!”

The nun made it pass the Blind Auditions. Would she make it to the next level? The judges appeared visibly impressed, and apparently nuns all over the world are cheering for her. Sister Scuccia is now the new YouTube sensation on The Voice Italy.

Singing Nun performs “No One” on The Voice Italy

Video credit: TheVoiceOf Italy/YouTube

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