Reactions to Lady Gaga’s First Film, “A Star Is Born”; Fans are Buzzing for an Oscars

Lady Gaga attended the premier of her film; a remake of “A Star Is Born” on September 24, 2018 in LA, and #AStarIsBorn trended on Twitter at #3.

In the movie, Lady Gaga teams up with Bradley Cooper, who portrays her love interest and as the director as well.

It’s the first time that Lady Gaga starred in a full length movie. Bradley Cooper had trained in singing, thus, he portrayed the role perfectly. All the songs are also sang – LIVE.

Reportedly, Cooper was a revelation in the movie. His co-stars praised him for his perfect country voice for his role.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in “A Star is Born” Interview

Bradley Cooper said this about Lady Gaga in an interview.

“She’s a beautiful human being.”

Lady Gaga had only good words for her co-star and director too, saying he was a singer.

“This experience is life changing.”

Already, critics and movie fans are raving about “A Star Is Born”, confident that the singer-turned-actress would win an award for her first movie. Movie fans are going gaga about the interesting film.

A fan from Brazil tweeted:

“Brazil loves you.”

Another tweeted:

“I love you queen I can’t wait to watch #AStarIsBornMovie”

“Wow, this is gonna be a hit. This movie excites me.”

Most of them are praising “The Queen”, and expecting her to win in the Oscars. It would be a great honor for Lady Gaga if she indeed wins an Oscar award.

Watch the interview of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, courtesy of ET Canada:

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