Harry Potter: eBooks are “Selling Like Pancakes,” Studio Tour a Blast

Harry Potter eBooks
Image Credit: Barnes & Noble

Harry Potter eBooks are “selling like pancakes” with about $1.6 million sales. The J.K. Rowling– authored series is still a best seller whatever form it takes, be it in hard bound form or eBook format. This is according to entertainment reports, April 8, 2012.

The series of Harry Potter eBooks cost around $8 to $10 each, with the entire collection costing less than $60. The sales of the eBook tapered but it is still selling copies to date. It is believed to be one of the bestselling eBooks of all time.

The Harry Potter studio tour in London is also a blast with fans enjoying the magical world of wizards. Diagon Alley, Dumbledore’s room, the Leaky Cauldron, and the Gryffindor’s room were among the favorites. There were various magical items too that everyone can enjoy, like the snitch and the Harry Potter’s Nimbus 2000 broom.

Further reports disclosed that fans can buy the eBooks at J.K. Rowling’s site, Pottermore.

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