Harry Potter’s New Movie? Daniel Radcliffe Can Play Harry Potter, the Father to James Sirius, Lily Luna and Albus Severus

Daniel Radcliffe can play Harry Potter, the father to his three kids with Ginny Weasley; James Sirius, Lily Luna and Albus Severus, if people concerned with the movie’s franchise decide to continue the Harry Potter story and produce a new movie for the new generation of youngsters.

It would be a revival of the magic, just like what happened to the continuation of the ‘Star Wars‘ saga, a sci-fi movie directed by stalwart entertainment figure George Lucas.

Harry Potter, Image credit: imdb.com

It would be another thrilling, magical adventure for the three young wizards, James Sirius, Lily Luna and Albus Severus should the story continue.

It would be interesting to watch how producers would select the children, who would play the roles of the three Harry Potter kids.

Rupert Grint and Emma Watson could also play the old versions of themselves in the new movie.

The Harry Potter series has been one of the most successful franchises of the decade, and moviegoers had watched Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) and Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) grow into adults during the filming of the series.

Meanwhile, Diagon Alley, where Harry Potter bought his magic paraphernalia, has been added to Google maps. Diagon Alley is actually found at the Warner Bros Studio, in London.

Diagon Alley, Image credit: Google Maps

Emma Watson has her movie; “The Bling Ring” released and is doing well in the Box-Office.

Rupert Grint is reported to have communicated with the Mojo bigwigs for his possible West End debut. The stage-play would be a new world for Rupert to conquer.

Should a new Harry Potter movie come into fruition; millions of fans all over the world would be in for another magical treat.

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