Prayers for Studying Success

We know in our hearts that our success in studying has to be blessed by you, Lord for it to become a success.

That is why, we come to you to fervently to ask for your blessings.

We know that our efforts alone could not make us succeed. It is only with your Divine Power that we can.

So, we pray that you may grant us the Holy Spirit to guide us on our studies.

May you free our minds from anxiety and despair, so that we can study without any dark thoughts.

Make us realize that if we have your peace, our minds would be at peace too.

May we realize as well, that it is our thoughts that could make us at peace and inspired.

If we live by the power of your words and love, we would never think of negative thoughts.

May you clear our minds of these harmful thoughts.

May we choose to allow your words to take permanent residence in our hearts and minds.

Only when we are at peace would we be able to study well.

May we be able to understand and remember what we study and learn.

And may we use this knowledge to spread your love, peace, and generosity.


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