Prayer before Exams

Heavenly Father thank you for giving me the chance to take this exam.

May you bestow on me the wisdom of the Holy Spirit,

and the grace of St Jude, so that I would be able to remember what I have studied.

May I choose the correct answer by honest deduction, when I don’t know the answer.

May you enlighten my mind to remember, relax and have faith in myself because I have studied well.

May you bless my best efforts to pass this exam and grant my prayer for success.

Bless the proctors that they may be fair and competent.

Bless the venue that it would be conducive to the activity.

Bless my fellow examinees, so they could remember what they have studied as well.

Grant that we all truly deserve to pass.

I trust you my God, and I surrender all my worries to you.

I know that whatever the results of this exam are, it will be your heavenly will.

May I fulfill your advocacy after passing this exam.

All these I pray to you, my Lord and Savior.

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