Opening Prayer before Meeting

Lord, we are gathered here today for a meeting.

We thank you for allowing us to be here together in your name.

We beseech you to bless us, so we can successfully conclude this meeting’s agenda.

May you provide us your Divine Wisdom, so we can formulate plans, solve problems, and interact with each other as one team.

May we see YOU in each one of us, so that we will value each person’s contribution to any undertaking.

Grant that our plans would be beneficial to everybody around us, that our actions would be testaments of your love and generosity.

We pray that you may bless each person present here today, our families and friends, and all people in the world.

After this meeting, may we contribute in our own little way, methods to make the world a better place to live in.

Heavenly Father please bless our admins too, so that they may understand our plans and help us implement them.

May all people concerned cooperate and accomplish our goals and the programs created from this meeting.

We fervently pray for all of these in this meeting.


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