At the onset, we thought we had “No More Dream” to be.
We wandered in the desert, hoping it would become the sea.
We shed our “Blood, Sweat, and Tears”,
but we kept on going trusting “Serendipity”.
Deep within our “DNA”, we have to conquer our enmity.

We pray that you would keep BTS and ARMY safe from “Danger”,
As BTS’ wings are the ARMYs and the ARMYs’ hope are BTS members.
Erase all “Fake Love” in our hearts; let “Euphoria” reign forever.
May you bring out the “Best of Me”, from each one and together…
We’ll let our “Spring Day” be with us always and ever.

Allow us to look forward to our “Epiphany”,
As we learn to love ourselves amidst our “Singularity”.
May you bless the bashers, as well, so they can see.
That all we want is to love ourselves first, so we can love them as “V”.
‘Cause love’s “Magic Shop” is where we all need to be.

After our struggles at the end of the day,
When each of us can finally say, I won’t be sad – “Not Today,
Whether we were “Anpanman” or we let the “Mic Drop” away,
Bless each BTS and ARMY that – “I’m Fine”, we would always say.
Forever and a day!

BTS, South Korean Boy Band

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