X Factor Philippines Top 9 Performance Show, August 25, 2012

Modesto Taran

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MANILA, PhilippinesX Factor Philippines Top 9 Performance Show is Today, Saturday, August 25, 2012, at 9 p.m. (GMT+8.)

The Top 9 contenders namely Joan, Modesto, Kedebon, Jeric, Gabriel, KZ, Allen, Takeoff and Daddy’s Home would perform their songs, and after the performance, voting would commence up to tomorrow evening.

Last week, Sunday, August 18, the elimination of AKA JAM shocked everyone, and it was an emotional moment for Gary V. and the X Factor Philippines judges. Gary V, however, promised fans that it would not be the last time they would watch AKA JAM perform.

X Factor Philippines TV host, KC Concepcion was dazzling in a pink lovely gown, while Charice was equally simple but classy, and that includes her hair.

Modesto Taran performed first and Martin lauded the singer saying he as a beautiful voice. As the American Idol judges would say, “Modesto nailed it.”  The rendition was flawless, including the diction.

Daddy’s Home was next with Whitney Houston’sAll At Once.” For sure, the perfect blending of their wonderful voices sent shivers through everyone’s spine. It was an amazing performance, and they did justice to the song. For this, Daddy’s Home trended nationwide.

Allen Jane Sta. Maria came next with TLC’s Waterfalls, and the performance was good but not phenomenal according to some viewers, she needed more swag.

Jeric Medina performed next with Elvis Presley’sCan’t Help Falling In Love.” It was the right song for Jeric’s voice; so cool and haunting. He delivered the song beautifully. His good looks, height and built are that of a movie star. No wonder ladies swoon when he sings.

Next on stage was Joan Da, who performed Aaliyah’s song, “Let Me Know.” Incidentally, Aaliyah’s 11th death anniversary is today, August 25, 2012. Joan’s voice was good but allegedly, the original was still better.

Kedebon came next, singing Karl Roy’s “Yugyugan,” and like his previous performances, he was all over the stage, letting his presence known to everyone. Kedebon prayed before his performance. He knew that it is the most powerful tool he could use to keep himself in the competition, amongst all the other talented contestants.

Takeoff came next with Selena’s “Dreaming of You.” It was an undoubtedly beautiful song sang by great voices. The blending was “heavenly,” they were like angels singing up there in the clouds. Selena would be so happy wherever she is.

KZ Tandingan sang Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab.” Twitter came more alive with numerous Tweeters praising KZ for her musicality, stage presence and voice. The Winehouse song was perfect for the lady from Digos, for the theme of the week, ‘Tribute to Late Music Icons.’

Almost all tweets stated that KZ Tandingan is already the clear winner. Hopefully, they would vote for her, because in the end, it is still the votes that count. If KZ would be voted out, perhaps, there would be a significant reduction in the X Factor Philippines rating, because it is apparent that majority of viewers await KZ’s performance.

Gabriel Maturan sang Luther Van Dross’ “Dance with my Father.” There were those who said Gab had connected with the song, and his rendition was “very inspirational, but there were also some who said he needed more emotion into his song.

Who would be eliminated tomorrow, August 26? Check back tomorrow for updates.

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