X Factor Philippines Results Show: August 26 Bottom 2 Prediction, Who Would Go Home Tonight?

The X Factor Philippines Results Show is tonight, Sunday, August 26, 2012, and excitement mounts as the contestants would be reduced to 8 contestants. The bottom 2 prediction for tonight is a wild guess based on intuition only.

After the Performance Show yesterday, August 25, who would go home tonight?  It is a Herculean task predicting who would be eliminated because the basis would be on the votes cast by the viewers.

“Voters are unpredictable. During the first week, the bottom 2 were Jerrianne Templo and Joan Da, and Jerrianne was eliminated. In the second week, Takeoff and Mark Mabasa were the bottom 2, where Mark Mabasa was eliminated, then on the third week, Daddy’s Home and AKA JAM were in the bottom 2, and AKA JAM went home.

The bottom 2 singers for the week were inconsistent. This means that perhaps the number of voters was inconsistent too, or during the performance, the viewers have decided to vote for another X Factor contestant.

Already, many are proclaiming that KZ Tandingan would win the competition hands down, BUT – viewers sometimes forget that it is the votes that count, and not how talented a singer is. So, if KZ’s fans want her to win, then they have to vote for her.

So, who would be the Bottom 2 and who would go home tonight?
Kedebon Colim and Joan Da or Gabriel Maturan and Joan Da

The judges Charice, Gary V., Pilita and Martin would have a hand on the final elimination – that is – if a deadlock does not occur again. The bottom 2 is only a prediction so it might not come true. The X Factor Philippines contestant predicted to go home tonight is Joan Da.

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