X Factor Philippines Results Show, August 19, Bottom 2 A.K.A. JAM and Daddy’s Home; A.K.A.JAM Eliminated

The X Factor Philippines Results Show on August 19, 2012 revealed the bottom 2, which are A.K.A. JAM and Daddy’s Home.

Yeng Constantino and Jovit Baldivino performed together with the Top 10 X Factor Philippines contestants.

After the Performance Show on August 18, A.K.A. JAM was eliminated from among the 10 contestants. The remaining Top 9 X Factor Philippines contestants who will compete next week are:

KZ Tandingan

Modesto Taran

Kedebon Colim


Allen Jane Sta. Maria

Jeric Medina

Joan Da

Gabriel Maturan

Daddy’s Home

The bottom 2, after the votes came in, were A.K.A. JAM and Daddy’s Home.

A.K.A. JAM and Daddy’s Home had a showdown, and the X Factor judges voted. Gary V., and Pilita voted for A.K.A. JAM to go home, while Charice and Martin voted for Daddy’s Home to go.

There was a deadlock in the scores: 2 against 2, so the decision would then be based solely on the votes that came in.

A.K.A JAM got the lowest votes with 4.42%, and Daddy’s Home got 5.53%, which qualified them to stay for another week.

The judges had a difficult time deciding because both groups are great singers. Gary was teary-eyed as he chose A.K.A.JAM to go home, saying, the two groups were like his children, and choosing one to go home, was heartbreaking.

Gary V, however, assured fans that it was not the end for A.K.A.JAM, and that they would certainly see them again. The Top 9 X Factor Philippines contestants will perform once more on August 25, to determine who would be eliminated on August 26, 2012.

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