X Factor Philippines: Daddy’s Home, Takeoff, Made it to Top 20 From Boot Camp

X Factor Philippines has chosen 20 contestants from the remaining 68 at Boot Camp to proceed to the next phase of the competition, which is the Live Show. Yesterday, Saturday, July 21, 2012, out of the 172 contestants, only 68 made it.

Out of this 68, only 20 were chosen today: 5 Girls, 5 Boys, 5 Over 25s, and 5 Groups. Then out of the 20, 12 contestants, 3 from each group, will proceed to the Live Show, on August.

This Sunday, July 22, 2012, the X Factor Philippines judges had a difficult time picking only 5 from each category. There were times they stood up and expressed the dilemma they were in.

The contestants were all extremely talented and there were serious discussions among the judges and some invited experts to decide who would proceed to the X Factor Philippines next level.

After hours of discussion, the X Factor Philippines judges came up with their Top 20 contestants, from which, 12 of them, will proceed for the Live Show.

For Girls

1. KZ Tandingan
2. Allen Jane Sta. Maria
3. Jerian Templo
4. Abigail Mendoza
5. Angelica Prado

For Groups

2. Daddy”s Home
3. 5th Avids
4. Sweet Bliss
5. Lucky Girls

For Boys

1. Anton Paulo Antenorcruz
2. Jeric Medina
3. Michael Pangilinan
4. Gabriel Anciado
5. Kedebon Colim

For Over 25

1. Mark Mabasa
2. Cristine Ledesma
3. Paulo Castro
4. Modesto Taran
5. Joan Da