X Factor Australia 2012: Nathaniel Willemse Awes Judges with “Red,” Judges’ Reactions

The playlist of the X Factor Australia, on October 29, was “Made in Australia,” and Nathaniel Willemse awed the judges again with the song “Red” by Daniel Merriweather.

Last week Bella Ferraro and Fourtunate were at the Bottom 2, which resulted to Fourtunate being voted off after the judges’ deadlock was broken by the audience’s votes.

Nathaniel Willemse with “Red”
Image Credit: FarmAnimals4FarmGal1/YouTube Grab

The Top 6 X Factor Australia 2012 contestants performed the following songs in the playlist:

Nathaniel Willemse – “Red” by Daniel Merriweather

The Collective – “Incredible” by Timomatic

Bella FerraroSweet Disposition by Temper Trap

Samantha Jade – “UFO” by Sneaky Sound System

Shiane Hawke – “Shine” by Vanessa Amorosi

Jason Owen – “What’s My Scene” by Hoodoo Gurus

The X Factor judges, Guy Sebastian, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Mel B, and Ronan Keating, were impressed with the performance of Nathaniel Willemse.

Here are excerpts from the judges’ comments.

Mel B

“So Nathaniel, did you get a bit emotional then?”

Nathaniel said “yes,” and Mel B continued:

“I could really feel that this song meant something to you, and it was nice to see that vulnerable side of you, you know, I mean – and that was one of my favorite songs – good song choice. I really like it. You took me somewhere that you didn’t take me before, and yeah, good on you. I like that a lot. ”

Ronan Keating:

“Yeah, most of your performances, Nathaniel, have been very energetic. You know – lot of fun. We’d love that. It’s been great. It’s great to see this side of you. You are such a great singer. You have such control over that voice. And it’s a pleasure to hear you sing. Great performance!”

Natalie Bassingthwaighte

“Nathaniel, I’ve loved every performance you’ve done. Absolutely- everyone. Tonight, is no exception. I think you’re perfection. I do. I think what you give us is just incredible.”

Guy Sebastian

“Nathaniel, to me, that’s what this show is about. I mean, there’s singing a song, and then there’s bleeding a song, and you bled right from your heart then. And I mean I was choking back the tears, right then. That was so heartfelt, I know how much that song means to you, and I know how this week has been for you. I believe in you, and now, I’m hot on you, but that’s because I just think the world of you, and I think that you’re gonna go places.”

Bella Ferraro earned some praises from the judges too.

Mel B said:

“Your voice was a killer.”

Ronan Keating said:

“I’m proud to see you in the contest.”

“You’re so captivating. When you go to that zone, you’re untouchable.”

About Bella’s bashers, Ronan Keating has this to say:

“Shut them down.”

Ronan expressed his unhappy sentiment saying that there should be no “haters” on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

It was Episode 25 with the Top 6 X Factor Australia 2012, and the excitement is building up as the results show would be aired tomorrow, Tuesday, October 30.

Who would go home on October 30? Who would get voted off? Check back tomorrow for updates on the Top 6 X Factor Australia 2012.

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