Winner Prediction American Idol 2012: Countdown to the Grand Finale, Who will be the Next American Idol?

Jessica Sanchez
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Phillip Phillips
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It will be a 2-night season finale on Tuesday, May 22 and Wednesday, May 23 at the Nokia Theatre for the Top 2 American Idol 2012 contenders, Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips. The countdown begins today, three days, before America “crowns” its new American Idol for Season 11.

Jessica Sanchez, 16 and Phillip Phillips, 21 are both talented singers; Phillip being a musician and a singer simultaneously, while Jessica is a belter, a crooner and a growler.

The advantage of Phillip over Jessica is that he can play musical instruments, while Jessica may not be able to.

Jessica, on the other hand, has an advantage over Phillip because she can sing any type of song, while Phillip may not be able to sing Whitney Houston’s or Michael Jackson’s songs.

Some kibitzers said that Joshua would have been the perfect match for Jessica in the finale, but that didn’t happen because Joshua got eliminated on May 17. Come to think of it, it would be an extraordinary contest. It would be interesting to watch Jessica and Phillip perform their songs on May 22.

With two different but extraordinary singers, who would be the next American Idol 2012 winner? My prediction is Jessica Sanchez because she is the more versatile singer.

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2 thoughts on “Winner Prediction American Idol 2012: Countdown to the Grand Finale, Who will be the Next American Idol?”

  1. For sheer talent and global marketability, Jessica is the hands down American Idol. Phillip has trouble with the easiest of songs, with very little vocal range and a sub-standard musical ear.


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