What’s Your Choice? The Voice, X Factor, or American Idol?

American Idol 2013 has reportedly been the ranking no. 1 in singing reality shows in the early days, but presently entertainment news reveal that the present ranking has The Voice overtaking American Idol in the rankings, last March 25, 2013, in its premiere with 13.64 million viewers.

American Idol is still considered by many music enthusiasts, however, as the premier singing competition because of its legendary history producing great singers of this era.

Image credit: American Idol

As for X Factor, it always comes with a blast too, simply because of the presence of the ‘powerful’ Simon Cowell. In this aspect, it is apparent that the judges are instrumental also in making America and the world watch the shows.

For The Voice, the judges are Will.i.am, Sir Tom Jones, Jessie J and Danny O’Donoghue. X Factor has Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato, and the other two replacements for Britney Spears and L.A. Reid are still not announced.

The present judges for American Idol Season 12 are Keith Urban, Mariah Carey, Randy Jackson and Nicki Minaj.

Which among the three has a crowd-drawer line-up?

American Idol 2013 has a powerful line-up but why are the ratings decreasing? The contestants are all talented, so apparently, that is not the problem.

X Factor would have its judges soon, and they would surely fill –up the void left by two excellent judges. The Voice is presently enjoying an increase in its viewership. Would the show be able to sustain this? Most probably it would be a neck to neck race with American Idol.

Who would emerge the winner?

Check back for developments as the competitions proceed and unravel contestants and their performances on American Idol, The Voice, and soon, X Factor.

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