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. The Russo Family is composed of three teens Alexandra, played by the winsome Selena Gomez, Maximillian played by Jake Austin, and Justin played by the bold David Henrie.

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The parents, Jerry and Theresa, were played by David DeLuise, and Maria Canals Barrera. The father was the wizard and he hailed from Italy, while Maria was a mortal from Mexico. Other members of the cast include Jennifer Stone, Dan Benson and Gregg Sulkin. Now and then, guests are invited to some episodes to introduce variety and some exciting experiences.

The episodes centered on how the father guided and trained his children in resolving their daily challenges without magic, but at the same time training one of them to become the Family Wizard.

The Family Wizard was tasked to continue the family’s legacy.

Each episode of the longest-running Disney Channel series featured plots that attracted teens, primarily, because of the exciting adventure of the three siblings; Alex, Max and Justin. The young wizards triumphed over their daily challenges while keeping their family’s secret from the public. Truth was bound to be discovered though as some people discovered the truth eventually.

Alex’s and Justin’s best friend learned about the secret during the run of season 2 and season 4 respectively. Alex’s boyfriend also learned about the secret during season 4. This has added a twist that fans enjoyed thoroughly. One of the highest percentages of viewers was during the Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana episode.

The TV series was so successful, especially with kids aged 9 to 11 years that a film adaptation was done. With Wizards of Waverly Place made into a movie, its viewers increased considerably worldwide.

The movie was widely viewed making it the second most watched Disco Channel Original Movie after High School Musical. The 4th season started airing on Oct 12, 2007 with an impressive 5.9 million viewers, and since then, it has fared well as one of the top children’s series on TV.

Its thrilling and engaging plots appealed to teens and children.

It also earned the “Outstanding Children’s Program” award in 2009 at the Primetime Emmy Awards. Season 4 has started on Nov 12, 2010, with 27 episodes, and ended Jan 6, 2012, but a special episode was prepared last October and November and would air this early part of 2013.

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