Top 9 Performance Recap American Idol 2013, Lazaro Arbos Cries

The Top 9 American Idol contestants performed Beatles’ songs tonight, and here is the performance recap for the American Idol 2013 contestants this March 20, 2013:

Kree Harrison sang “A Little Help from My Friends.” Kree killed the song with her unique and haunting voice.

Amber Holcomb sang “She’s Leaving Home.” She sang it well, but Judge Mariah Carey says she never heard of the song before.

Burnell Taylor sang “Let It Be”, which, he said, he never heard of, and that he learned about The Beatles only last week. Is American Idol forcing a Yellow Submarine hotdog on these kids who probably know only hamburgers and fries? Just saying.

Lazaro Arbos sang “In My Life” and Nicki Minaj said that he seemed to have lost his confidence. Lazaro cried and it was a heart-rending scene.

Lazaros Arbos AI 2013
Lazaro Arbos, Image credit: American Idol 2013

The judges are expected to give constructive criticisms and this should be graciously and bravely accepted by the contestants. This is the only way that they could improve their craft.

Candice Glover nailed the song “Come Together,” with a rousing showmanship that matched her amazing voice. Twitter is abuzz about her winning performance.

Paul Jolley sang “Eleanor Rigby“, which was not his best performance.

Angie Miller performed “Yesterday” and her voice just blew the audience away. Angie was one of the early favorites in American Idol because aside from having a superb voice, she is also a songwriter.

Devin Velez belted out “The Long and Winding Road”, which made it clear that he deserved a spot in next week’s performance show. Devin was in the Bottom 2 last week with Curtis Finch Jr., and Curtis did not make the cut for the Top 9 American Idol contestants.

Janelle Arthur crooned “I Will”, lending some sweet country twang to the Beatles’ song that many became her fans after that performance.

Tomorrow, who would be voted off? It seems the girls outperformed the boys this time. Would the American Idol be a female this season? It would surely be a breath of fresh air, if that happens, and a respite from the WGWG pattern that had occurred for the last American Idol seasons.

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