Top 3 American Idol Contestants: Angie Miller, Kree Harrison, and Candice Glover

The Top 3 American Idol Contestants, according to the Unofficial Global Poll are Angie Miller, Kree Harrison, and Candice Glover, as of April 20, 2013.

These Top 3 contestants have been consistently delivering stellar performances on the American Idol stage, week after week, although, there are rare times that Candice Glover was not in the Top 3, based on public votes.

Candice Glover can perform any song assigned to her with her explosive vocals and perfect tone. She should win the competition and become American Idol’s season 12 winner. Whether Candice wins or not, a woman would still be declared winner, though.

Candice has that soul and emotion in her voice that turns her performance into a standing ovation event. This girl can definitely nail her songs. It would be interesting to watch how she would perform ‘Hallelujah” and “To Love Somebody.” Even if she does not win, she would become a star because of her amazing voice.

Clay Aiken, runner-up of Season 2, did not win the competition but ended up being more popular than the winner, Ruben Studdard. The same is true with Adam Lambert, runner-up for Season 8, who had more successes than winner, Kris Allen.

Adam Lambert

While Angie Miller apparently remains to be the voting audience favorite, Kree Harrison has also a good following. Angie is also a songwriter, and has composed one of the songs she sang in the competition. Among the three contestants, Angie is the musician. Would this be an advantage for her? It would surely be, especially when she pursues her singing career after the competition.

Angela Miller American Idol
Angela Miller, Image credit: American Idol

With only a few more weeks to the Grand Finale, the remaining Top 4 American Idol contestants: Candice, Kree, Angie and Amber are surely thrilled to compete with each other.

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