Top 2 Prediction American Idol 2012

Top 3 American Idol 2012 Finalists
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We  are on the last stages of the American Idol 2012 competition and as the Top 2 Idols are selected, the performances become more intense and extremely exciting.

After the performance show on May 16, who would be the Top 2 Idols that would move on to the Grand Finale on May 22 and May 23?

With the diverse talent that the Top 3 American Idol finalists have, it is difficult to predict who would win the contest.

These various factors may help predict who would be the Top 2 American Idol finalists.

Online Fan Base

Jessica Sanchez Twitter followers – 306,462 Followers

Phillip Phillips Twitter followers- 272,068 Followers

Joshua Ledet Twitter followers – 93,036 Followers

Independent American Idol 2012 Online Ranking Polls have Jessica Sanchez leading, followed by Phillip Phillips as the Top 2 American Idols.  Joshua Ledet comes in third.

Remember though that Colton Dixon was the frontrunner at Facebook and Twitter but he was voted out at Top 7.

This may be because not all fans could vote for their American Idols because they may be living abroad. So what would be the factor leading to the elimination of one of the American Idol contestants? It could be the following:

  • Song choice – The American Idol 2012 judges, Jennifer, Randy and Steven, often remind the contestants that song choice is crucial. The right choice would bring out the best voice quality from the contestant and could also get some votes.

Phillip Phillips rendered a stunning rendition of “Volcano last week and this has increased his chances of winning the whole thing. Joshua and Jessica performed well too with “And I’m Telling You I’m not Going” and “It’s a Man’s Man’s World.

  • Voters’ effort – Even if the American Idol hopeful has millions of fans if they don’t go out of their way to text or call in their votes, then a huge fan base is useless. In the end, the votes determine the Top 2 of the American Idol 2012 contenders.

Who would be the Top 2 of the season? After evaluating the data available, the prediction for the Top 2 American Idol finalists would be Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez.

Top 3 Song Spoiler on May 16

1 thought on “Top 2 Prediction American Idol 2012”

  1. If you think about it, the Brothers Grimm’s ‘Cinderella’ story has probably been lived as many times as it has been told since the early 1800’s. It can be said that the individual journeys of American Idol 2012’s remaining top 3 are 3 distinct Cinderella stories, with no one hailing from a privileged pedigree nor being anywhere near the national limelight prior to this year’s AI edition. They are where they are because enough voters in America deemed them worthy to advance this far in the competition (the absence of ‘singing’ as a qualifier for ‘competition’ is by design). Each of the 3 clearly brought something uniquely admirable / musically appetizing to a great many TV viewers the past few Wednesdays running. So hush your faces / keyboards all of you who post intolerant lines about how so-and-so does not belong and how the show sucks, lines that reflect your small minds. Your horses have run as far as they can run and are no longer part of the homestretch sprint. Believe me when I say there is release in acceptance. I have a sense however that despite your profuse disavowals, many of you will yet be glued to your TV screens for the next 2 weeks till a champion is crowned.

    Getting back to Cinderella, I’ve always been a sucker for Cinderella stories. In this present case, I am rooting for the Cinderella who: 1) fits the fairy tale character the closest because she too is a girl; 2.) must now break through the subtle racial barrier to music industry success 3.) must now also break the sexual barrier and arrest the 5-year run of male AI champions.

    Oh and did I mention that at the tender age of 16, Jessica can vocalize and emote with the poise and polish of a professional artist who’s been recording for years if not decades. How much better will she sound like as those vocal chords mature? When Grammy-winning industry icons go on record saying they would buy tickets to a Jessica Sanchez concert were one being held now, I am then reassured that the multiple votes I will cast the next 2 Wednesdays are not misguided! Go JSan! Go girl!


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