Top 10 American Idol Girl Contestants for Online Voting: Who Would the Voting Public Retain? Predictions for Top 5 Girls

The Top 10 American Idol Girl Contestants are up for Online Voting. Who would the voting public retain? This is a hundred million dollar question. No one could ever predict accurately who the public would support.

The remaining 10 girls who are part of the Top 20 American Idol contestants are:

  1. Adriana Latonio
  2. Kree Harrison
  3. Tenna Torres
  4. Angie Kristine Miller
  5. Amber Holcomb
  6. Janelle Arthur  
  7. Candice Glover   
  8. Zoanette Johnson
  9. Aubrey Cleland
  10. Breanna Steer
American Idol Logo, Image credit: American Idol

Predictions could be done though. Based on the previous performances, the predicted Top 5 girls who would join the Top 5 boys on the American Idol 2013 Live Shows are:

  • Angie Kristine Miller
  • Candice Glover   
  • Breanna Steer
  • Adriana Latonio
  • Kree Harrison

In the end, the fate of the Top 10 American Idol contestants and the winner would rest on the shoulders of the voting public.

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