“The Walking Dead” Grand Finale: Showdown of ‘Governor’ and Rick Grimes

The much anticipated Grand Finale of “The Walking Dead” that would feature the showdown of the ‘Governor’ and Deputy Rick Grimes would be shown this week.

In the earlier episode, Andrea (Laurie Holden) was captured by the ‘Governor’ as she tried to escape and inform Rick of the Governor’s plans.

Rick and his group at the prison started to prepare themselves, as well. They have three options: attack first, leave the prison, and stay and defend the prison.

Rick, the leader of the group decided that they should stay and ward off the Governor’s offense.

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, Image credit: The Walking Dead

Would the Governor use Andrea as leverage against Rick? Would Rick be convinced to hand over Michonne?

Reportedly, blood would flow once more and more people would die. Who would it be?

Tune in to AMC for the Grand Finale of “The Walking Dead” Season 3.

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