The Phillip Phillips and Heejun Han Relationship, American Idol 2012’s Ice Breaker (Video)

Heejun Han & Phillip Phillips
Image Credit: Americanidol

The Phillip Phillips and Heejun Han relationship had served as an ice breaker during the intense and thrilling American Idol 2012 run.

Fans uploaded YouTube videos of Phillip and Heejun’s hilarious moments, and a few even labelled them the “Phejun romance.”

The friendship between the two has developed as they were grouped together during the American Idol Hollywood and Las Vegas auditions, in which they managed to get through amidst the intense competition.

The two were inseparable, with Phillip himself admitting, during one of his interviews, that Heejun was at his side during one of his kidney procedures. Whether this was intended as a joke or not, fans can witness that their friendship is a keeper.

Phillip and Heejun have girlfriends, who prefer to stay in the background.

Heejun revealed that his girlfriend said, after being in the show, that:

“She couldn’t do it anymore..and that she doesn’t like this exposure thing.”

In another interview, Phillip talked about her girlfriend. Phillip’s girlfriend was with him during his interview after winning American Idol 2012. When Ryan Seacrest asked about her, Phillip disclosed that although she remains in the background,

“She lets people know she’s with me.”

When asked about what they looked forward to, both said the American Idol 2012 LIVE tour because they would be jamming once again.

Based on their videos, there is no dull moment when the two are around. It was rumored that Heejun had introduced Asian food to Phillip.

American Idol bigwigs, including the judges, however, told Heejun he should concentrate more in his singing than being the “funny man” of the show. Steven Tyler advised him to get serious or he will get “kicked in the ass” in the competitive world of entertainment.

Heejun Han was eliminated as Top 9 of American Idol season 11, while Phillip Phillips emerged the winner despite his kidney problems.

Presumably, Heejun and Phillip would enjoy their time together again during the American Idol 2012 LIVE tour, which starts July 6 in Detroit.

Below is a YouTube video of one of Phillip and Heejun’s hilarious interviews by Access Hollywood.

Phillip & Heejun interviewed by Access Hollywood

Video Credit: Access Hollywood/TeamHeejun /YouTube

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