“The Hunger Games” Director, Gary Ross, not Directing Second Sequel of Box Office Hit

The Hunger Games video snippet
Image Credit: Lions Gate/YouTube

The Hunger Games” director, Gary Ross, is no longer directing “Catching Fire,” the second sequel to the film, according to international entertainment news sites, April 10, 2012.

Gary Ross, who directed the leading Box Office hit “The Hunger Games” reportedly, said that he could not direct “Catching Fire,” the second sequel, because he doesn’t have the time to write and prepare due to the tight production schedule.

Lions Gate, the film’s distributor, says that they regret not having Ross on the project and that he did an incredible work on the first sequel.

The second sequel would revolve around Katniss and Peeta outside of the hunger games. Jennifer Lawrence played Katniss, based on a book by Suzanne Collins.

To date, there are still no announcements from Lions Gate as to who would direct “Catching Fire.’ Whoever it is, hopefully  the film would equal the unprecedented success of its prequel, “The Hunger Games,” which still remains the  No. 1 movie in the Box Office.

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