The AlDub Prayer

Heavenly Father, we come to you as one nation,

the loyal and God-fearing ALDUB Nation.

We acknowledge Your power and might,

and the Divine Wisdom, our path, you light.

Bestow upon us your omniscient presence

so that we can love other fans with effervescence.

Guide our paths to learn the precious lessons in life

that Lola Nidora has tried to ingrain amidst the strife.

May you give strength to the EB Dabarkads

That they can spread love and good cheer

To TV viewers abroad and here.

May you bless Alden Richards and Maine Yaya Dub Mendoza.

May they succeed in their careers and spread your divine aura.

May their relationship prosper and grow deeper.

May they be blessed in life forever.

All these we ask through your mighty name.



Prayers for ADLUB


ALDUB first picture together, ALDUB
ALDUB first picture together, Image credit: ALDUB


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