Tate Stevens Wins X Factor USA 2012, Wins $5 Million Worth of Prizes

Country singer, Tate Stevens, won the X Factor USA 2012 this December 20, 2012. Tate Stevens had consistently ranked Top 1 or Top 2, and had never been in the Bottom 2. Tate Stevens is X Factor USA 2012’s Winner.

Close competitor, Carly Rose Sonenclar was runner-up and Fifth Harmony 3rd. Tate’s rivalry with the powerhouse 13 year old was neck to neck, and Carly rendered sterling performances, December 19, with her songs, which included the difficult song, “Allelujah.”

Tate Stevens and L.A. Reid
Tate Stevens and Mentor L.A. Reid, Image credit: Tate Stevens/Twitter

For his performances on the X Factor USA show, Tate sang ”Anything Goes”, “Tomorrow,”  and jammed with Little Big Town with the song ‘Pontoon.’ All of these wonderful and heartfelt performances made Tate Stevens X Factor USA 2012’s Winner.

Anything Goes”, and “Tomorrow,” are now on iTunes and these songs would surely rank on top of country music charts. He extends his heartfelt gratitude to all his fans and invited them to purchase his songs from iTunes.

TATE STEVENS..tweets thank you dec 20

Tate Stevens is 37 years old, and is from Belton, Missouri. Before Tate joined X Factor USA, he did some odd jobs on the road. He wanted to pursue his dream but he had to work for a living for his family. Most of his songs were dedicated to his wife and family.

Tate Stevens’ country music had captivated the American audience that he was on top of the public votes. Even L.A. Reid stated his optimism about his career saying that America is ready for a country music, and voted for  Tate Stevens as X Factor USA 2012’s Winner.

One Direction added glitz and glamor to the X Factor USA 2012 Results Show when they sang their new single “Kiss You.” Pitbull also performed “Feel This Moment.”

During the Performance Show, Carly Rose Sonenclar performed “Feeling Good” for her solo, then a duet with LeAnn Rimes with “How Do I Live.”  Her $5 million dollar song was “Hallelujah.”

Fifth Harmony, in turn, performed “Anything Could Happen” for their group, a group song with X Factor USA judge, Demi Lovato, and their $5 million song, “Let it Be.”

The town mates, friends and supporters of the Top 3 X Factor USA contestants, greeted them through live video, which made everyone teary-eyed.

During the results show, the Top 3 performed a group song. All Top 3 contestants performed amazingly well yesterday that anyone could have won the competition.

During the results show Carly Rose sang “All I Want for Christmas is You” with kids dancing in the background. It was beautiful, equal to Mariah Carey’s.

Simon Cowell said this about Fifth Harmony’s 3rd place standing.

“I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more from these girls.”

Tate Stevens and Carly Rose Sonenclar, the Top 2 X Factor finalists, performed a “surprise” number “The Climb.” It was a perfect conclusion to the gripping drama musical that is X Factor USA.

America has expressed their desire though for country music by voting for Tate Stevens as the champion and winner of the X Factor USA 2012 singing competition. At 37, he is the oldest X Factor winner – ever.

America has spoken: Tate Stevens is now the X Factor USA 2012’s Winner!

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