Superman’s “Man of Steel” Breaks Box Office Records as Biggest June Opening, with More Than $113 Million

Superman’s “Man of Steel” breaks Box Office records as the biggest June opening, with more than $113 million; “Toy Story” held this title previously.

Man of Steel” stars the dashing Henry Cavill as Superman and Clark Kent. The film’s showing coincided with Father’s Day, which made it a time for families to watch the movie together.

The movie also stars Amy Adams and Michael Shannon, was directed by Zack Snyder, and released by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Henry Cavill in his modified costume (without his brief on top of his tights) looked like no other Superman with his enormous biceps and triceps bulging through his skin-tight get-up.

Man of Steel
Man of Steel, Image credit: Warner Bros./


Overseas, in China, Philippines, and South Korea, long queues in cinemas proved that Superman is still a force to reckon with among superhero movies, with a remarkable $71.6 million gross, to date.

With “Man of Steel” still showing worldwide, Superman has several days more to break established cinema records.

Move over Iron Man, the Man of Steel has finally arrived.

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