“Stuttering”, Jessica Sanchez’s Choice of Song before Her Bottom 3 Standing (YouTube Video) Why Did She Get the Least Votes?

Jessica Sanchez
Image Credit: Jessica Sanchez/FB page

Stuttering” by Jazmine Sullivan was Jessica Sanchez’s choice of song during the Top 7 American Idol 2012 performance show. After the votes came in she landed at the bottom 3 and got the least votes.

Speculations abound and no one can give a correct analysis unless all of the facts are collated. These could include the demographic profile of the voters, data collected from interviews of these voters, and several pertinent info that could explain the “shocking” American Idol 2012 results.

Some quarters said that it was the song choice. ”Stuttering” was not as popular as “I Will Always Love You.”

Other viewers said it was because majority of Jessica Sanchez’s fans were all on vacation for the Holy Week season.

This was tweetd as a joke by John Lapus, an actor comedian from the Philippines, but it could well be true.

Some said it was because the fans of the other AI 2012 contenders are increasing in number as evidenced by Colton Dixon’s Top 1 ranking in Facebook and Twitter.

Various celebrities reacted in support of Jessica Sanchez, and in her mother’s home country, Philippines, ABS-CBN 2, the leading TV station, led its stars in support of Jessica’s bid for the American Idol 2012 title.

Amidst all of these, Jessica Sanchez remained humble and unassuming, saying that she was blessed and thankful for the judges “save” and that all of the American Idol 2012 contestants deserve to win, because they all had worked hard for it.

Below is the YouTube video of Jessica Sanchez singing her song choice “Stuttering” during the American Idol 2012 Top 7 Performance Show.

Jessica Sanchez sings “Stuttering”

Video Credit: AmericanIdol.com/Fox/YouTube

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