Simon Cowell to Tate Stevens on X Factor USA: “I would be happy to write you that $5 Million Check”

The X Factor USA 2012 reality singing competition is heating up as the Top 12 contestants perform for a slot to the Top 11.

Tate Stevens was proclaimed the Top Ranking contender last week, November 8, 2012.

Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell, Image credit: XFactorUSA

X Factor’s big gun, Simon Cowell, recently said to Tate Stevens on the November 14 Performance Show:

“Tate, this is gonna be really, really annoying for me to say cause Mr. Smart on my right is suddenly happy.

Tate that was better than last week, and I tell you why I think. I think the direction you were given was really good. I think you’ve got confidence now knowing that you’re no.1. And you know what, when we designed this show.

We designed the show with no operation limit. Exactly what L.A. said. Regardless of your age, if you’ve got a dream and you’ve got a talent, this show is gonna give you another chance. And I’m gonna tell you. The winner of this show is gonna get $5 million dollars. I would be happy to write you that check.”

Tate Stevens performed “From This moment” by Shania Twain, and Tate dedicated the song aptly to his wife for 15 years. Tate expressed how he felt.

“People say, you’re too young, you don’t really know what love is. When you are meant to be, you know… I met my wife, when I was 17. As weird as that sounds, I knew that it was something different than just puppy love. ..It’s been that way 15 years.”

“Being able to bring emotion to the song means everything-that’s tough. But that’s what makes it worth it.”

When Tate was asked, after his performance, what would he like to say to his wife, he said; “I love you.”

The rest of the X Factor USA judges have these to say:

Britney Spears:

“Your performance was so heartfelt. I loved it, and your vocals were amazing.”

Demi Lovato:

“Ahh, you’re so good! You’re very good, you’re very good.”

Mentor L.A. Reid:

“Just stop there, “You’re so good.”

L.A. Reid to Simon Cowell:

“Those are big words. You can write that check. I like that.”

Tate Stevens has remained humble in spite of ranking Top 1 on the X Factor USA show.

“It’s big for my family. But last week’s last week. I’m zero right now. I’ve got to get to number 1.”

2 thoughts on “Simon Cowell to Tate Stevens on X Factor USA: “I would be happy to write you that $5 Million Check””

  1. Tate Stevens is one of the best acts I’ve seen in a while. After watching American Idol, America’s Got Talent and The Voice so far he is a real stand out. He has a big heart, true talent, and no sob story. He loves his family and his wife: it’s always been his dream to be a country superstar and I think he’s got what it takes. You just never know with The X Factor so I’ve got my DISH Hopper recording the show each week. It’s four times more recording space than all the other DVRs out there which means I don’t have to rush to watch everything I’ve recorded. I’m not at all surprised that he was number one in the rankings last week and that he’s number one again this week. His voice has touched people. My DISH co-worker says that he doesn’t seem as commercial as some of the other country acts out there. I have to agree and anyone who watched the CMA’s just a little while ago will know what I’m talking about.


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