Search for Video of Rock Band Journey Singing ”After All These Years” in Cheyenne, Wyoming Concert, Frontier Days July 19, 2013

A search is on for any video of the Rock Band Journey singing ”After All These Years” in Cheyenne, Wyoming Concert during the Frontier Days, Friday, July 19, 2013.

Arnel Pineda, Journey’s front man, has heeded the request of an avid fan from Wyoming, Minda Budzinak, to sing one of Journey’s Adult Contemporary Top 10 songs, ”After All These Years.”

Facebook was instrumental for the fulfillment of Minda’s dream. She requested the song via Journey’s wall on Facebook, thinking it was a wild shot.

The author made a short article about this request and posted it on Arnel’s wall on his website. The site’s administrators, @fabbest and @coley were kind enough to get the message quickly to Arnel, and the rest of the band, before their Wyoming concert.

The song is not one of Journey’s commonly played pieces during concerts.

Journey‘s set list usually included the following songs:

Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
• Any Way You Want It
• Faithfully
• Who’s Crying Now
• Lights
• Stone in Love
• Edge of the Blade
• Only the Young
• Open Arms
• Escape
• Dead or Alive

Sometimes, a keyboard solo by Jonathan Cain and a guitar solo by Neal Schon get a slot. “Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin” and “Wheel in the Sky” are included more often than AATY. There are variations to the set list but, most often, ”After All These Years” is left out.

Arnel and the band members’ response to the fan’s request, though, were amazingly quick. A few days before the Cheyenne, Wyoming Frontier Days Concert, Arnel tweeted from his official Twitter account that the band would perform the song.



Apparently, Arnel presented the fan’s request to the group; lead guitarist, Neal Schon, keyboard player, Jonathan Cain, bassist Ross Valory, and drummer, Deen Castronovo, and they have agreed to the request. It is quite a touching gesture by members of a legendary rock band, who genuinely care for their fans.

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Minda is surely not alone in her desire to hear her favorite song performed by her beloved band. There are numerous Wyoming fans who love the song, as well, based on the thunderous applause bestowed to the band after the performance of the song during their concert.

The fan was ecstatic. The sad part, however, is that she was not able to video-tape the performance because of a broken gadget. Now, this search is initiated to find any video of this once-in-a-lifetime Journey performance in Wyoming of “After All These Years.

It is a momentous occasion that should be documented, as there are few performances of this chart-topper song.

After All These Years” joins the elite list of three more Journey songs that topped the Adult Contemporary charts the past years on Billboard Charts. The three songs are:

When You Love a Woman,” No. 1 (1996)
Open Arms,” No. 7 (1982)
I’ll be Alright Without You,” No. 7 (1987)

This is another request and shout-out for any Wyoming fan to please share with the global Journey fans, any video of Journey’s performance of ”After All These Years.”

You are there somewhere among the throng of people who have watched the Journey concert during your Frontier Days. The moderators of Arnel Pineda’s website, @fabbest and @coley are also searching for that particular video. You could leave a message for them at Arnel‘s website or leave a message here on this blog.

Whoever you are, kindly share with the world your awesome video of this rare and momentous Journey performance.

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