Rose Fostanes, Pinay in Top 7 of X Factor Israel, Says “I Love You All” and ’Thank You for Your Support”

Rose Fostanes, the Pinay in the Top 7 of X Factor Israel, expressed her gratitude to her supporters, saying:

“I Love You All” and ’Thank You for Your Support.”

Judge-Mentor Shiri Maimon has turned Rose Fostanes into a chic Diva, with matching apparels and accessories that one could notice immediately, the apparent transformation. Rose has expressed her insecurity during the early rounds, and up to the present, but her self-confidence is growing, as she slowly makes her way to the X Factor Israel Grand Finals.

Rose Fostanes, Image credit: X Factor Israel

Ivri Lider, X Factor Israel judge and mentor for groups’ team had suggested that perhaps Rose Fostanes could sing in Hebrew, but Shiri Maimon, apparently, thinks Rose is still not ready. Judge Mentor Moshe Peretz revealed that he heard Rose singing a Hebrew song and it was good. So would Rose sing in Hebrew? This would depend on Shiri Maimon.

To date, Rose Fostaes had sung all English songs, such as:

  • This is My Life
  • Purple Rain
  • You and I
  • Simply the Best
  • Valerie
  • Beautiful
  • I Who Have Nothing
  • Born This Way

On X Factor Israel’s YouTube page, Rose Fostanes has the most views for individual performances, signifying her growing fan base. It is evident that the judge-mentors love the Filipino caregiver too because of her humility amidst her incredible talent.

Rami Fortis could not help but blurt out: “You are beautiful and I love you,” after Rose Fostanes sang “Beautiful.”

Shiri Maimon has also been expressive of her admiration for Rose by saying “We love you, Rose,” during the revelation of the Top 12 on  Judges’ House. Even model–host Bar Refaeli said: “You always make me cry when you sing. We love you, Rose.”

Would Rose Fostanes make the cut to the X Factor Israel Grand Finals? Check back later for updates.

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