Rose Fostanes, Pinay Caregiver, Eliminated from X Factor Israel?

The Pinay caregiver, Rose Fostanes, who made it big on X Factor Israel reaching Top 16, may have been eliminated based on a preview aired in advance on the X Factor Israel show.

Rose Fostanes was seen crying in the video saying: “I could never forget this……” The tears could also be tears of joy because she may be proceeding to the Live Shows as one of the Top 12 X Factor contestants.

Rose Fostanes on X Factor Israel
Rose Fostanes on X Factor Israel

Rose’s fans, which increased significantly since her videos started appearing on YouTube, could not wait to learn whether their idol would make it to the X Factor Live Shows.

Would Rose Fostanes make it to the Live Shows? In a predominantly Israeli talent show – which is understandable – her numerous fans surely hope so.

“X Factor Israel, Episode 13”

Video credit: THE X FACTOR ISRAEL/YouTube






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