Robbie Kennedy Placed “Iris” in No. 5 on iTunes After Britain’s Got Talent Performance

Robbie Kennedy, 22, placed “Iris” in No. 5 on iTunes after his Britain’s Got Talent performance was aired. Even Simon Cowell, who is difficult to please, has stood up to praise him with a standing ovation.

He started on a ‘bad’ note though, when he started singing his first song, ‘Hurricane’. Simon stopped him and asked if he had other songs in his repertoire. To which Robbie replied yes. After Robbie sang “Iris.”

Simon said:

‘I’ve got to be honest with you, I wasn’t expecting that. Do you know what Robbie; I think that if you put that record out you would have a number one hit with that song. Loved it.’

Iris” was originally sung by Goo Goo Dolls for “City of Angels.

Robbie Kennedy BGT
Robbie Kennedy, Image credit: Britain’s Got Talent

Robbie Kennedy works as a bricklayer, but with his instant hit on iTunes, he may be one of BGT’s newest singing phenomenon.
Simon Cowell tweeted from his official Twitteraccount:

Simon Cowell ‏@SimonCowell

“Iris is currently number five on iTunes after last night’s show. Credit to the guy who sang it.”

The three other “Britain’s Got Talent” judges stood up in agreement with Simon’s judgment of Robbie Kennedy’s performance.

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