Results X Factor USA’s Double Elimination: Who Are the Remaining Top 10 Contestants? Lyric 145 Eliminated (Live Blog)

The results of the X Factor USA double elimination would be revealed today, Thursday, November 15. Who are the remaining Top 10 Contestants?

On Wednesday, November 14, the Top 12 X Factor USA contestants performed their heart out. The judges praised Carly Rose Sonenclar.

Simon Cowell said he would be happy to sign the $5 million check to Tate Stevens.

The X Factor USA judges are going out of their way to campaign for their contenders. Demi Lovato from her official Twitter account tweeted:

demetria lovato@ddlovato

“Dear ______, You mean so much to me. Now please go vote for @_______ on #XFactorUSA or I will _______ on you. Fill in the blanks!!!! Haha “


The X Factor USA contestants who are safe tonight, in no particular order, are:

1. Carly Rose Sonenclar – received 52.11% of the votes for this week. (Digital Spy votes)

2.Emblem 3 – received 35.83%

3. Fifth Harmony – received 7.14%

4 Tate Stevens

5. Diamond White

6. Vino Alan

7. Cece Frey

8. Arin Ray

9. Paige Thomas

10. Beatrice Miller

 Taylor Swift performs “State of Grace.

The Bottom 4 for the X Factor USA show are:

1. Jennel Garcia

2. Beatrice Miller

3. Paige Thomas

4. Lyric 145

Bottom 2 X Factor USA showdown:

1. Jennel Garcia

2. Paige Thomas

The X Factor USA contestants eliminated are:

1. Lyric 145

2. Jennel Garcia

Refresh the page every now and then for updates on the X Factor USA 2012 results for November 15.

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