Reactions to Colton Dixon’s Elimination from American Idol 2012; Judges and AI Contestants’ Comments at Twitter

Reactions to Colton Dixon’s elimination from American Idol 2012 on April 19, 2012, were a mixture of surprise and shock. The AI judges and AI contestants’ commented on Colton being voted off of American Idol in spite of  being popular and having never ended in the bottom 3 in any of the previous weeks. It can be remembered that celebrities and Jessica’s followers reacted in shock last week too when she was nearly eliminated from AI.

Here are some tweets from Colton’s co- American Idol contestants:

From Hollie, including a tweet from Pia Toscano:

From Skylar Laine:

From Phillip Phillips:

While the rest of the American Idol Top 6, thanked their fans.

Meanwhile, it is apparent that the American Idol 2012 judges were surprised too with the results.

Reportedly Randy Jackson said:

“I don’t think it was one of Colton’s better nights, but, God, I don’t know.” And then later: “You have a huge career ahead of you.”

Colton, in turn, apologized for “not being himself” during the Top 7 American Idol Redux Performance show.

When the bottom 3 were called, Elise, Hollie and Colton, everyone expected Colton to be safe – but everyone got the shock of their lives when the opposite happened – Colton got the least votes.

When Colton knelt and started singing “Everything” by Lifehouse, his last song after his elimination, Hollie was trying hard to control her tears and Phillip had his head down, while the rest of the AI contestants were watching with incredulous expressions. It was a touching moment as Colton knelt and raised his hands to God in praise.

Jennifer Lopez leaned towards Randy Jackson, and it was apparent she was lachrymose as well. Only Phillip Phillips of the AI contenders remained untouched by the bottom 3 American Idol label.

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  1. colton should have won the title! WHAT HAPPENED? :'( hes a wonderful person and i really hope an album comes outta this cause i am DEFINATELY a huge and a will be the very 1st person to buy it! God has blessed colton in so many ways! his faith will take him far! LOVE YOU COLTON!!


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