Reactions of Fans to Lovebirds DeAndre Brackensick and Jessica Sanchez; Know More about DeAndre (Video)

DeAndre and Jessica
Image Credit: American Idol Tour

Fans react to the news that DeAndre Brackensick and Jessica Sanchez are a couple by trooping to Twitter and expressing their delight and excitement about the relationship.

They have even coined a term for them “JayAndre”, some preferred “DeJay.” One fan was excited about how their baby would look like, with DeAndre’s blue eyes, blonde curls, and Jessica’s dark ones.

The Top 10 American Idol finalists performed in DeAndre’s home town, San Jose, and reportedly, the couple arrived in the same car.

The American Idol Top 10 finalists enjoyed performing for their San Jose fans.

DeAndre Brackensick ‏@BrackensickAI11

“San jose was amazing:) so much love from my home town:) i wish i woulda had more time for fans though:/ “

Phillip Phillips @Phillips

“Thank you San Jose! Had a lot of fun, yall be good….off to LA! Night”

Erika Van Pelt ‏@EVanPeltAI11

“Thanks San Jose! Fun to be in @BrackensickAI11 hometown! Now its off to my 2nd home, LA baby!”

Fans, whom Jessica calls Blujays, have heeded their Idols request to follow DeAndre too at Twitter. Presently, Jessica has 745,211, while DeAndre has 75,870.

Jessica and DeAndre’s performance in San Jose proved that Jessica Sanchez is the Diva and the true vocalist of the American Idol finalists.

DeAndre sang “Master Blaster” pretty well that fans wished he should have been given more solo performances. This is according to the critics and fans (via local news) who watched the performance.

Fans who would like to know DeAndre better can watch this YouTube video of DeAndre revealing facts about himself. This was uploaded by Random143vidz.

DeAndre Brackensick revealing more of himself

Video credit: Random143vidz/American Idol/YouTube

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