Reactions of Colton Dixon’s Fans on Facebook and Twitter to His Elimination from American Idol 2012 Top 7

Colton Dixon
Image Credit: American Idol/Facebook profile

The reactions of Colton Dixon’s 134,000 fans from Facebook and Twitter to his elimination from American Idol 2012 Top 7 has been of incredulity and shock, just like the Judges’ Reaction and AI contestants’.

After the show, after Colton Dixon sang his last song, American Idol’s camera kept rolling and it captured the poignant moment of Colton with his co-AI contestants, the judges and his family. Colton hugged every contestant and continuously said thank you to his new-found friends.

There were tears in everyone’s eyes, but Colton was composed and relaxed. This could be because of his great faith in God, and he trusts that God has great plans for him in the future.

The American Idol judges were positive that his career has just started; Randy gave him some good advice about his career.

His sister, Schyler, and family joined them. Colton was still positive about it, saying to his family, it meant he would be home.

Colton’s fans at Facebook followed his cue; they were full of support and faith in a supreme being who would not let him down.

An excerpt from fan Gary Duffin stated:

“… you are so humble, and you showed that by your apology. You have no reason to hang your head, you have been blessed with an awesome voice. ..Stay strong in your faith.”

Her Facebook fan Glenda Legget said:

“Colton, I was so angry last night when they gave the results and I even went so far as to post on fb that the show was a joke and that it sucked. I was wrong. God is so in control and he is going to use you in a mighty way. I am so proud of you and for what you have done. God Bless !!!”

There are 5,158 encouraging comments/reactions to date on this particular Colton message alone. Many expressed disbelief. Some said they have forgotten to vote, but they were all supportive of Colton Dixon’s singing career.

Colton Dixon’s latest tweet was funny and positive:

“Last night wasn’t a dream……..dang it!hahaha. Up way too early for interviews. The journey continues;-)”

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