Reactions and Comments on the Elimination of Allen Sta. Maria on X Factor Philippines

The reactions and comments after the elimination of Allen Sta. Maria on X Factor Philippines were varied. Allen’s fans were in tears to learn that the journey of their “Swag Princess” came to an end. They also vowed that Allen will always remain their X Factor Champion. On the other hand, KZ Tandingan’s fans were ecstatic; KZ was able to advance to Top 3.

Allen Jane Sta. Maria, 16, was the youngest of the X Factor Philippines contestants. She has shown incredible versatility in her performances that gave her that X Factor that should have made her won the contest. Unluckily, her votes were not enough to keep her in the contest.

Allen was sent home on September 30, after she and KZ Tandingan were left at the Bottom 2 on the X Factor Philippines Results Show. After they have performed their showdown songs, the judges, Charice, Martin Nievera, Pilita Corrales, and Gary Valenciano voted, and Allen was voted off.

With her diverse singing talent, Allen Sta. Maria would surely conquer the music industry even if she was eliminated from the X Factor Philippines Show.

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