Prediction: American Idol 2013, Next Top 20 Contestants February 27 and 28

It may be too early for a prediction for the American Idol 2013, next Top 10 contestants on February 27 and 28, but this prediction is based on previous performances, because the judges are apparently deciding based on the over-all performances.

The judges must have a gargantuan task in deciding who goes through and who goes home because of the raw, pure talent that the contenders bring to the stage. It was a painful and heartbreaking scene this week, when talented singers were sent home.

Johnny Keyser deserves a seat there with the Top 5 boys, but the judges did not think so.

Randy Jackson had expressed it aptly when he said:

“It was torture for us to decide who would be sent home.”

So here are the predictions for the next batch of the Top 5 boys and Top 5 girls on American Idol 2013.

Mexican Chinese Elijah Liu makes it to Top 20 American Idol 2013

Next Top 5 boys prediction for Top 20 American Idol contestants:

  1. Josh Holiday
  2. Burnell Taylor
  3. Bryant Tadeo
  4. Lazaro Arbos
  5. Nick Boddington

Next Top 5 girls prediction for Top 20 American Idol contestants:

  1. Candice Glover
  2. Jett Hermano
  3. Juliana Chahayed
  4. Rachel Hale
  5. Cristabel Clack

The previous contestants who made it to Top 20 American Idol 2013 contestants are:

  1. Devin Velez
  2. Curtis Finch Jr.
  3. Paul Jolley
  4. Charlie Askew
  5. Elijah Liu
  6. Adriana Latonio
  7. Kree Harrison
  8. Tenna Torres
  9. Angie Kristine Miller
  10. Amber Holcomb

Who are your bets next week?  Who can make it to Top 20 contestants on American Idol 2013? Check back for results on February 27 and 28, 2013.

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