Phillip Phillips: The Power behind His American Idol Victory

Phillip Phillips
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Phillip Phillips won American Idol 2012 because he got the highest votes, but are you aware of the power behind his American Idol victory? Aside from fans, there are special persons; however, who are considered the “power” behind Phillip’s win.

His family

His sister, one of the co-founders of Kony 2012 in Leesburg, helped made people aware of her brother’s current Top 2 standing on the American Idol finale. In an interview with a local network, Phillip’s sister mentioned how her children were excited about their uncle’s inclusion in the Top 2 finale, and they were actually telling friends to vote for him. Phillip Phillips’ parents and family flew back and forth to show moral support for their son, because everyone believed in him.

When Phillip won, he gave his new car as a gift to his parents and kept his old car to himself.

The people of Leesburg

The people of Leesburg, Georgia were all behind their local boy, with some businesses helping out with Phillip Phillips’ campaign.  They were not so “noisy” about it, but their support was solid. They knew he had what it takes to become the next American Idol 2012, and they were not mistaken. He had made them proud by emerging as the new American Idol of season 11.

The people of America

Majority of Americans – not only teenage girls – but adult Americans voted for him. There could be several reasons why they did. This could be because of his originality, his pizzazz, his different music genre, his musicality, and his being a true musician. Whatever it is, majority of America has voted for him against his co-finalist, Jessica Sanchez.

And they had succeeded, Phillip Phillips is the new American Idol.

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