Online Polls Top 5 American Idol 2012: Jessica Sanchez Leads Independent Polls for Idol Hopefuls

Jessica Sanchez is leading Independent Online Polls for the Top 5 American Idol 2012 Hopefuls. In a short-lived poll for this site, Jessica led by a wide margin, even with the small voters’ population.

In other independent online polls, like the VoteFair, she is also leading.

Top 5 American Idol ranking
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On Facebook and Twitter she is second among the Top 3 American Idol contenders with the most likes; she has 250,619 Followers and Colton has 265,144 Followers.

This is not full-proof evidence though that she may not be in the Bottom 3 because we have witnessed Jessica with the least votes in one of the most shocking elimination at Idol.

Colton Dixon, who ranked No. 1, with just a thousand “Likes” ahead of Jessica, at Facebook and Twitter got surprisingly eliminated in another season’s shocker, and had ranked 7’th only in the American Idol competition. Polls reveals Jessica Sanchez leading with 39% votes, Phillip Phillips comes in 2nd again with 26% votes and Joshua Ledet with 15% votes in 3rd place.

Jessica Sanchez is also leading in Polls with 35%. Phillip Phillips comes 2nd with 19.4%

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